People choose law firms for many reasons

At KO Associates, it us our drive for excellence that sets us apart. 

A career with us carries a few promises. You will not be bored. You will face problems you haven’t seen before. You’ll meet interesting and friendly people, and you’ll always work in teams. Teamwork calls for a genuine interest in other people and acceptances of differences. It also means an exceptional willingness to pitch in to get the job done. Ultimately, our people are rewarded for what they do, not for how long they’ve been doing it.

Whatever your background, whether you think differently, laterally, logically or practically, we look for talented people, driven by excellence. As a firm we believe collaboration makes us stronger, and so we want team players too. All we ask is that you share the values that make us who we are, a firm committed to doing the best we can. At all times. 




People choose law firms for various reasons. At KOA, our 12-week internship programme is a unique and exciting opportunity for you to work in a leading law firm, gaining invaluable knowledge and practical experience alongside our experienced professionals. It also allows you to become embedded into the firm, immerse yourself in our culture and build relationships.

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Job Title: Internship Opportunity
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