Afreximbank Launches Africa Trade Gateway: Boosting African Trade and AfCFTA Implementation

The African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) has taken a significant step in promoting African trade and supporting the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) by launching the Africa Trade Gateway (ATG). The ATG is a suite of five digital platforms that have been designed as a single window to enable the Bank better deliver on its mandate by providing critical services to support and promote African trade and the implementation of the AfCFTA. They include:

  • MANSA, a due diligence platform that offers a comprehensive source of primary data for customer due diligence on African entities, financial institutions, corporates, and SMEs. MANSA also provides investment information, country profiles, and details on traded products/services in African countries.
  • Pan-African Payment and Settlement System (PAPSS), established to facilitate efficient payment for intra-African trade in national currencies. PAPSS promotes intra-African trade, minimizes risk, and contributes to financial integration across the continent. PAPSS was adopted by African Union heads of state in 2019 as the payment and settlement system supporting the AfCFTA.
  • The TRADAR Club, a member-driven network that empowers international businesses and executives to transform trade and investments in Africa. It offers trusted trade intelligence, advisory services, and networking opportunities through innovative digital tools. Members can discover new markets, access expert support, post and respond to business opportunities, and connect with potential partners.
  • ATEX, a B2B and B2G e-commerce platform which aims to help African businesses tap into new markets within the continent and optimize their supply chains. It enables bulk procurement of basic commodities and provides transparent access to suppliers, facilitating trade among small, medium, and large-scale enterprises.
  • ATG Connect, which serves as a platform connecting business service providers across Africa, focusing on freight and logistics connectivity solutions. It enables seamless matching of freight/logistics requests with providers listed on the platform. Customers can obtain competitive quotes for pickup and delivery services throughout Africa.

The launch of ATG signifies Afreximbank’s commitment to leveraging digital technologies and business models to address Africa’s key trade challenges and foster economic prosperity. By offering a customer-centric approach, ATG streamlines trade transactions within a unified ecosystem, benefiting businesses, governments, and stakeholders. Through these digital platforms, Afreximbank aims to enhance trade, commerce, and investment while supporting regional integration and the AfCFTA.

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