Comesa Competition Commission Marks 10-year Anniversary

In May 2023, the COMESA Competition Commission (CCC) celebrated its 10th year anniversary in Malawi. Since its inception, the Commission has handled a total of 369 mergers and earned over Sh10 billion in revenue. Notably, the post-Covid-19 period recorded the highest number of mergers with over 60 firms having filed notification for either merging or acquisition, compared to an average of 36 pre-Covid.

To enhance capacity building and bolster the budgets of members states, the CCC allocates half of the funds it collects to the 20 member states. In terms of sectoral distribution of the transaction handled by the CCC, the energy sector accounted for the largest portion of mergers, representing 18 percent. The banking and insurance industry followed closely at 15 percent, while agriculture accounted for 13 percent of the mergers.

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