Emerging Markets Infrastructure Fund II

The International Finance Corporation (IFC)  has committed Kes 7.28 billion ($50 million) equity investment into Emerging Markets Infrastructure Fund II,  a Denmark-backed infrastructure fund. The fund was launched in July 2023, by A.P. Moller Capital, a Danish fund manager, with a target size of $1 billion (Ksh145.8 billion). The financing provided by IFC will go towards transport infrastructure projects, and supply chains to help tackle food insecurity and climate-related issues in Africa and South Asia. 50 percent of the capital will be allocated in  Africa while the remaining 50 percent in South and Southeast Asia.

The Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund (EAIF) is a multi-donor fund mobilizing capital to provide long-term debt to businesses creating, expanding or improving essential infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa. EAIF has a 15-year track record, providing USD 713 million in financing to 71 projects across Africa.

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